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 Backup of portable media(USB drives) fast and easy: USBFlashCopy free utility.
More and more portable are coming up for rescue. They are user friendly and can be carried on any media so that you can use all your software on move. USBFlashCopy is an ultra portable utility for Windows that facilitates easy backup of flash drives and storage cards on move. It automatically detects when you insert a media and copies its content to your PC. It shows options when a new media is found like: create a new profile or use default profile, never backup this media.
Backup of portable media
You need to create profiles with separate settings for different USB flash devices or memory cards. You can also change default settings. USBFlashCopy stores configuration in  INI file and copies only newer or updated files(incremental backup), you can optionally keep old versions of files.
It is free to use in ‘Basic mode’ while the Silent mode costs $39.95. There is nothing much in the paid mode. I will suggest you using a Basic mode. For me I use it to back the portable USB tools in the drive this way I do not need to repeat the long procedure of creating bootable tools again on the USB drive.
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