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Time is tough and jobs are limited. It is certainly expected that many countries will decrease their funds for the unemployed people and it will be very difficult to survive. So why to depend on other people if you can earn on your own and live. There are number of ways through which you can easily make money by sitting at home:

Earning from Blogs
It might seem a slow and dim idea, but you can make a lot of money through blogging sites. This is a bit of slow earning process. Do not expect that you start earning from blog within few days. It can take few months and maybe a year. You have to wait for your seeds to grow and then you can ripe fruits. A good research followed by a wise strategy can help you to earn nearly $2000-8000. It depends upon the quality of your site and whether your blog site grabs the interests of people. Besides, you ought to be careful regarding niche selection. Some of the popular blogging niches you can focus nowadays are auto transport companies, car buying and selling, SEO services, etc.
Earning from Car
If you are in extreme crisis and you have car standing in your porch, do not sell it. Utilize this resource and make some good money. There are number of ways through which you can easily earn from your car. Many companies are willing to take cars for rent. So whenever your car is free, you can give it for rent purpose. You can sell the advertisement space on your car. Many companies are willing to take this space and pay you even $360 a month. Other way to earn from your car is to share it with your neighbors or colleagues and charge them what they pay for other transport.
Forget about being so technological or rich to afford vehicle. If you are a simple person and know how to cook, you can easily earn by baking. There are number of communities on the internet where orders can be taken online. You can take order online and sell them to your neighbors or other people. Many people have succeeded in this business by starting at small level and then supplying even to large restaurants that pay much higher amount than homes.
If you believe that, you have the photographer’s eye that can realize the picture perfect moment, than photography can prove a successful business for you. All you need is a good camera and some homework on the internet about the usage of the device. You can easily buy a good DSLR camera between $500-1500, depending on the quality. If you learn it properly and do some good social media marketing, than you can easily earn a lot of money. I have seen many people who are earning in the range of $1000-7000 per month. Many companies offer opportunities to cover their events.
Party at Home
If you are living alone and still cannot earn according to your need, than the best way to earn is to make your home as a social party place. It all depends on contacts. If you have a good social circle, than you easily get parties at least on weekends. Everyone wants to party and a good home with sufficient place can be a blessing.  Above all, you will get opportunity to earn and enjoy. There would be certain steps that you have to take to ensure your house safety, however it can return you a lot of money and you can earn a substantial amount.
Maid Services
If you are a housewife and spends your whole day in controlling your two little children, than you can bear another children if you are getting significant money for this job. Child caring can give you some money through which you can earn for your needs. Parents will trust you more as you are already caring other children.
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