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How to improve your PC for gaming
When it comes to playing a game on PC, speed becomes the most important concern of the player to ensure he/she is not going to get a choppy plus lagging experience. Therefore, prior to trying a new game, a user first looks into the gaming performance and computer capabilities. Oftentimes, PC’s features meet the game requirements, yet speed remains irregular while playing which distorts the actual taste of enjoying a new game. If you are looking for better gaming performance, then this article will feature some of the tips you can actually do in order to make your gaming experience enjoyable. However, keep in mind that these tips would not fix the issue if your computer system does not fulfill the graphics, processor, and minimum memory requirements. Therefore, first off, make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements for running a particular game. Once you are sure about it, consider following tips:

Increase Virtual Memory
tips to increase virtual memory of PC
Every now and then, Windows physical memory runs out when you install a new program. This overall influences the speed of computer. Therefore, when you try to install and play new game, you experience irregular performance because of memory being unavailable for a proper gameplay.  However, you can experience better game-play by increasing virtual memory. In order to change the virtual memory of your computer, go to the following location:
“Control Panel> System > Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings> Advanced> Virtual Memory Change”
Most operating systems automatically adjust it according to requirements. To do it manually, uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” and select “Custom size.” Normally, recommended values in initial and maximum size range from 1.5GB to 3GB. Therefore, you should put amount in this section accordingly.

Update Video Card Drivers
Next tip for an enjoyable gameplay is to ensure you have updated your video card drivers. It would not only increase the gaming performance but will also correct existing issues with other games, if any. While there are number of ways you can update drivers, the best way is to do it from manufacturer’s site directly.

Registry Cleaning
Even if you do not play games on your PC, using a Registry  Defragmenter and Registry Cleaner is imperative to ensure your PC does not take long to process. By using a compatible registry cleaning software, you can easily get your registry errors solved. Hence, the speed of your Windows for playing game will increase.

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