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If you'd like to know what happens on your computer while you're away then you should be looking into computer monitoring software. In the past, these types of applications were known as 'keyloggers' because the only activity they recorded were keystrokes. In the days of Microsoft DOS, this was all that was needed, but today, with computers performing a massive range of activities, the need to monitor what's been happening on the computer has grown. As the keyloggers feature set expanded so did it's name.

Computer monitoring software can perform a peripheral selection of activities from taking screenshots to monitoring websites visited, but why would you want to use such a program? In fact, as the computer becomes more of a family hub, the need for computer monitoring software has expanded. Parents use the software for monitoring children's computers and bosses use it to monitor employees. Especially if they think that a staff member is spending too much time on Youtube when their back is turned, or that a teenage daughter is browsing Facebook too much when they should be doing homework. Check the keylogger reviews sites to see which software will suit your needs.

Whatever the reason for spying on a computer, developers of monitoring software have made it incredibly easy for the average person to use their applications without any technical skills. Most monitoring applications can be downloaded and installed on the target PC in a matter of minutes, and once installed the software will run in complete stealth; no one will no the computer is under surveillance. When you need to review the reports you can bring up the user interface with a secret combination (usually something like control+alt+F9) and a password set by you. Alternatively, you could have the reports sent to you stealthily via email, to view at a different location.

The software will start up whenever the computer is turned on and start monitoring straight away. Whatever the user does on the computer, it will be logged. Any website visited will be logged, and any application used. Any documents or files opened/saved/deleted/moved will be logged and anything printed or copied and pasted. Screenshots will also be taken, either every X seconds or whenever a new action is performed. Keystrokes will of course be monitored, with a note of which application or website they were typed in.

All of this will be categorized and stored with time and dates and any other relevant information. Most computer monitoring programs have very easy to use interfaces that let you look through the reports with ease. Like mentioned earlier the reports could also be emailed to you remotely. As the software will be stealthy as possible, the program won't usually be found in the add/remove programs list, meaning there will be an un-install option within the software, in the settings.

Gecko Monitoring Software is an application with all of the features mentioned above and more. The developers have a free trial so that you can test the software before you purchase.
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